How can I pay for a relative's air ticket?

You have two options:

1. Thru Credit Card: Your credit card can be accepted, provided you complete our credit card authorization form along with a copy of your credit card(Front and back side) and Drivers License to our Fax # 310-838-6783. We will get the approval from your credit card company and then do the booking for you.

2. Thru Check: We will accept cashiers check/Money Order. Send us an email about your travel plans, full name as in passport for us to make a booking. After we receive your payment, we will issue the ticket. Please make the Check/Money Order payable to AAKASH Travels and send it to 9633 VENICE BLVD., CULVER CITY,  CA  90232.

Can we make changes to the ticket once it is booked?

Name changes are not permitted. Please verify the accuracy of all information before submitting a booking for ticketing. AAKASH Travel is unable to absorb fees imposed by carriers for the re-issue of tickets due to incorrect information or to correct spelling errors. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of information supplied. To avoid errors, it is suggested that the passengers’ names and ages be matched and double-checked against the passport information at the time of booking.

Frequent Flyer/Special Meal or Seating Requests:
Once booked and ticketed, it is the responsibility of the passenger, to contact the airlines to give Frequent Flyer account information, request special meals, or to arrange seating.

Travel Documents:
It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure valid passport and entry visas are obtained for all destinations.

How will I know I have a confirmed reservation and a seat assignment?

Net fares:The e-mail you receive when you purchase your ticket includes your purchase confirmation number. If you have a PNR, your reservation is confirmed. In rare circumstances, it is possible that there is routing error or airline failing to honor the fare resulting in the system disallowing us to ticket the order. If that happens, you will be notified thru email.

To play it safe it would be wise to await ticketing information before making further travel arrangements.

To be sure you have a seat assignment, arrive at the airport at least 2 hour before your flight's departure and check in promptly.

Whether you have a paper ticket or an e-ticket, early check-in is necessary.


We deal with international journey originating from USA only.

Our International Airfare booking engine displays fares from seven major airline consolidators in USA. Consolidators have special contracts with airlines, where by they are able to procure bulk fares. These consolidators only deal with Travel Agents. Yatra offers the same airfares to its customers.

Our online airfare booking engine scans 25 major Airlines and 8 million airfares, providing you with a number of alternatives in one place.


We offer Business and Economy class airfares in the following Airlines:
Northwest/KLM, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Air France, Swiss air, Austrian Airlines, Continental, Alitalia, Air Canada, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, Varig, Lan Chile, Malaysian, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, Royal Jordanian, Air India, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Turkish Airways, Kuwait Airways, Emirates, Air Lanka, Yemenia and Ethiopian.


Re-Confirm schedules with Airlines prior to departure. (Domestic - 24 hrs; International - 72 hrs). We are not responsible for Airline schedule change or cancellation


Take Passport, Valid Visa papers, tickets, itinerary, Photo identification, consulate information and other necessary documents pertinent to your journey.


Ensure that you do not exceed the prescribed baggage limit. Please visit the airline website (Click Airline toll free numbers on the left of this page) to view the Airline Baggage Policy.

DO NOT carry anything which could be mistaken for a weapon.


  • We only accept credit cards issued by US Banks with a US billing Address. Tickets will only be sent to the billing address on file with your bank, if the address you provide does not match then your order will not be processed. No International Cards.

  • Paper tickets or E-tickets will only be shipped to address located within US.

  • Please verify that you have a valid passport, Visa and any other documents relevant to your destination before purchasing

  • Processing Change or Cancellation of a ticketed order - if penalty is applicable as per your ticket rules and if you have been charged less than the actual penalty applicable during change or refund processing then penalty shortfall will be charged afresh to your card. This will happen when the shortfall is noticed. Fresh charge in case of shortfall will appear as single or several entries while the transaction amount will not be greater than the penalty shortfall. Refund will appears as single entry or multiple entries in your credit card statement.

  • It is your responsibility to have proper visa / transit visa and other travel documents as relevant to your journey. Kindly call up the Airlines and Respective Embassy for more info on visa or transit visa related issues. Kindly mention your nationality, citizenship info, period of stay, ticket type (1 way or round trip) that you possess whether in transit or otherwise when you talk to Airlines and Embassy. Airline will NOT permit you to board the flight when travel documents are inadequate.

  • It is your responsibility to check the travel advisory and center for disease control advisory applicable to your travel and / or destination and exercise necessary precaution and supplemental measures like travel insurance or overseas medical insurance for your travel.

  • Preferences:
    >>>>General:Please confirm your preference for seating, meal, frequent flier or any special request with Airlines after you get your ticketing information.
    >>>>Meal - Please call up the Airline and reconfirm 24 to 72 hours before departure.
    >>>>Seating - We can put in your seating request. It would be assigned based on availability. Airlines does not allow seat assignment in some legs. For these legs the seat would be assigned at the time of check-in. Kindly request your seating preference at the time of checking at the Airport.
    >>>>Frequent Flier - We sell discounted fares. Some of these fares may not be eligible for frequent flier miles credit. It is your responsibility to confirm whether the fare you booked is eligible for frequent flyer miles by sending an email immediately after booking.

  • Business / First Class Fare: Immediately after booking - Please send us an email to check the class in which the booking has come. Please quote your booking reference and last name in the subject line. We will reply back soon with the class. You could call the airlines to reconfirm that you are indeed booked in the class that you wanted.